About Lothamer Development Company

Lothamer Development Company was founded in 2007 by father/daughter team Jesse and Elizabeth Lothamer. Navigating their way through one of the toughest real estate markets in history, they were able to succeed by seizing opportunities that others had overlooked. Their ability to assess properties and evaluate the resale potential has allowed them to prosper. They have had exponential growth and continue to thrive in an ever changing market.

Elizabeth Lothamer


As Managing Member of Lothamer Development Company, Elizabeth’s key role is to manage projects on a day to day basis. Her time is split between searching for and obtaining properties and managing renovation projects. Working as a full time Realtor in Chicago for over 16 years, Elizabeth brings invaluable experience to the company. Her in depth market knowledge and property acquisition skills give her the ability to find the best deals in the marketplace. She is able to accurately determine a budget and time frame for each project, allowing them to sell quickly and effectively. She has years of hands on experience working for seasoned developers, learning the ins and outs of new construction and rehabs. She has many connections in the industry, allowing her to maintain and foster important business relationships. Elizabeth is dedicated to taking Lothamer Development Company to the next level by continuing to seek out profitable projects that meet buyer demand.

Jess Lothamer


Jesse’s key role in Lothamer Development Company is to manage the financial and legal aspects of the company. As the founding member of Michigan’s top tax resolution firm, Lothamer PC, he has over 30 years of experience as a CPA.  In addition, he holds an M.S. from Western Michigan and a J.D. from Cooley Law School. His passion for real estate investing began with commercial properties in Michigan, and grew to residential when he saw an opportunity in the Chicago market. Jesse’s most recent acquisition was a 7,500 square foot commercial office building redeveloped as his firm’s headquarters. His continued success as a business owner ensures smooth operations within the company and has helped to sustain continued growth.

Meet Sarah

Project Manager

Sarah’s key role is to supervise each project to ensure it is remaining on track and on budget.  She oversees all material selections and delivery of materials to the job site.