About Lothamer Development Company

Lothamer Development Company was founded in 2007 by Elizabeth Lothamer. Navigating her way through one of the toughest real estate markets in history, Elizabeth was able to succeed by seizing opportunities that others had overlooked. Her ability to assess properties and evaluate the resale potential has allowed her to prosper. She has had exponential growth and continues to thrive in an ever changing market. Lothamer Development has renovated nearly 100 properties anywhere from cosmetic rehabs to full gut remodels and additions. They have sourced some of the best general contractors and sub contractors to provide quality rehabs at an affordable price.

Elizabeth Lothamer


As the sole member of Lothamer Development Company, Elizabeth oversees each project including all aspects of budget, financials, and design.  Her time is divided between sourcing and acquiring properties, and overseeing renovation projects.

With over 20 years of experience as a full-time Realtor in Chicago, Elizabeth brings invaluable expertise to the company. Her extensive market knowledge and property acquisition skills enable her to identify the best deals in the marketplace. She can accurately assess budgets and timeframes for each project, ensuring efficient and effective sales.

With years of hands-on experience working with seasoned developers, she has gained comprehensive insights into new construction and rehabs. Her wide network of industry connections allows her to nurture and maintain important business relationships.

Elizabeth is committed to elevating Lothamer Development Company by continuously seeking out profitable projects that align with buyer demand.

Meet Sarah

Project Manager

Sarah’s key role is to supervise each project to ensure it is remaining on track and on budget.  She oversees all material selections and delivery of materials to the job site.